Tungsten Coating in Geraldton

Tuncoat Australia are your Geraldton tungsten coating specialists. We tungsten coat all ground engaging tools used for earthmoving and agriculture.

Tuncoat Australia was started in 2004. Owned by Mark and Kathie Dawson, Tuncoat Australia is a family owned and run local business located in Geraldton, WA.

We have grown slow and steady over the years but we now service all parts of Australia with our products.

  • Bucket teeth
  • Cutting edges
  • Deep ripper boots
  • Deep ripper tynes
  • Shinguards
  • Knife points
  • Seeding boots
  • Plough blades and shares
  • Mulching blocks and hammers
  • Mower blades

We supply products of the highest quality to ensure longer wear and performance and therefore better productivity and profit to our clients. We use tungsten overlay and tungsten tiles and various tungsten products to enhance the wearability of any ground engaging product.

We are innovative in redesigning ripper tynes to suit various conditions, climates and soil types. We can fabricate new ripper tynes and knife points.

We supply tungsten coated deep ripper boots to fit most common deep ripper bars. We supply inclusion plates to suit all deep rippers.

We also modify ripper legs and fit them with our fully coated winged warrior ripper boot and rebuild all sorts of seeding boots and knife points to a very high standard.

We sell bucket teeth and cutting edges and blades for all makes and models of bobcats and Loaders and we repair and refurbish buckets with new edges, side cutters, tooth adaptors and hitches.

We are agents for Agpoint so can supply all types of points, sweeps, discs etc to suit most well-known agriculture equipment.

We are also agents for Digga west so we can supply Ramps, Trenchers, Augers, Drive units, Pallet forks, Brooms, wear parts and the rest of Digga west’s extensive product range.

We source our consumable products locally therefore supporting other small businesses.

If you need tungsten coating in Geraldton, or the Mid West, then call Tuncoat Australia today.